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We love helping the Greater Vancouver citizens to make sure that their chimneys are kept in pristine condition, safe and fit for the job thanks to the chimney repairs and chimney sweeps offered by our team. Contact the Chimney Sweep Cleaning Guy to find out how we can help you by requesting a FREE chimney sweeping Vancouver estimate. Our chimney sweeping experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Our Goals As Your Greater Vancouver Chimney Cleaners:

  • Reduce chimney fire risks
  • Prolong your chimney’s life
  • Ensure a healthy and safe air quality inside your house
  • Provide chimney repairs if needed as well

Our Chimney Service and Chimney Repairs in Vancouver BC includes:

    • Cleaning firebox and chimney
    • ¬†Performing an overall damage inspection
    • Removing debris and soot clean and safe chimney provides you with peace of mind. Our chimney cleaning professionals will identify hazards and repair them. They will perform repairs on the smoke chamber, damper, and firebox, if required, and remove hazardous creosote, and conduct firebox, chill, smoke chamber repairs, and chimney repairs if necessary.

Why you should opt for chimney maintenance in Vancouver

To avoid potential risks like carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires, and to live a healthy life, it is vital to hire professionals to inspect and clean your fireplaces and chimneys regularly.

Chimneys perform by generating a draft, which sucks poisonous carbon monoxide and dangerous combustion gases from your fireplace, and expels them outside your house through the chimney, to leave the air inside your home fresh and healthy.

When chimneys are used regularly, a layer of flammable creosote, soot, ashes, and debris accumulate in your fireplace and chimney. Cleaning and sweeping your chimney dramatically reduces the hazard of a dangerous chimney fire and keeps your living space free of toxic fumes.

When you opt for our chimney sweep service, our specialists clean your firebox and chimney with the help of dedicated chimney cleaning tools. They remove debris and soot to prevent deposits of creosote, one of the leading causes of a chimney fire and perform a comprehensive damage inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my chimney require cleaning?

Your wood-burning system or the chimney should be inspected and swept at least once a year. If you use your fireplace extensively (more than 50 times), it might need a secondary chimney cleaning. To be on the safe side, request an additional inspection in case you are unsure about the total usage of your chimney. We will evaluate your chimney and inform you whether it needs a second chimney cleaning or not.

Is there any mess associated with a chimney sweep?

We guarantee there will be no mess during or after the chimney sweep. Our chimney sweep experts employ a powerful vacuum with a HEPA filter for the job and use a new drop sheet for every situation.

Do you go on the roof?

We do the majority of chimney cleaning and sweeps from inside apart from a couple of exceptions. For example, open wood-burning fireplaces have a smoke chamber, and their smoke does not go straight up, we sweep them from the top. Its intricate smoke chamber requires cleaning properly from inside.

How long does a chimney sweep take?

On average, the chimney cleaner typically takes an hour to finish the job. This time might vary on individual systems. Fill up our online chimney quote form to contact chimney cleaners who will ask you a couple of questions to provide you with the accurate time, required to clean your chimney system.

Free Chimney Inspection and Estimate

Request a FREE chimney service estimate today. We shall contact you soonest possible to schedule an obligation-free chimney inspection. Get an expert opinion on the health of your chimney health. We offer a free check to help you to deduce the sweep and repair decisions. Contact our Greater Vancouver cleaning chimney staff today!

Areas Our Cleaning Chimney Team Serves:
  • North Vancouver
  • New Westminster
  • West Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • Richmond

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